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It is our belief that each and every real estate project must carry several important values: comfort, quality, sustainability, and economic feasibility. The real estate development projects of SBD Design and Build combine all these values and more. We feel responsible for making sure that the real estate development projects serve people and maintenance does not require large efforts. Our projects are aimed at giving people amenities, raising the quality of life and gifting time which can be spent with families or relaxing.

We are currently proud of the following two real estate development projects: “Palejas” residential building complex and private house project at  Orhideju Street 8, Marupe. Both projects are developed in line with the values and needs of the potential inhabitants for high-quality and wholesome life. Putting safety, accessibility and energy-efficiency first, the need to maintain the buildings is reduced to the minimum possible level. We select sustainable materials, reserved and contemporary design combined with new-generation technologies.

SBS Design and Build’s real estate development projects are immediately available for habitation, allowing to enjoy each and every beautiful moment at the new house.