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Design & Build (combined designing and building) means that one company covers planning and development of a construction design as well as construction works.

Company SBS Design and Build is well placed to carry out a customer’s idea from the first drawings to putting the building into operation. Such construction management includes coordinated ensemble of activities leading to the highest quality, low risks, as well as saved time and money. The customer focuses on cooperation with one partner only, coordinating the design between all parties involved. The whole process takes place in one company through well-coordinated and strategic activities in line with the deadlines and capacities of the parties involved.

Design and Build includes:

  • idea development,
  • architecture,
  • technical planning,
  • construction,
  • supply, building, and assembly,
  • putting the building into operation.

SBS Design and Build guarantees well-planned and responsible course of designing and construction stages. The design process covers construction-related matters and picks the most suitable and sustainable solutions.

We truly believe that well-coordinated designing and construction processes will lead to the best results, safety and peace of mind for our customers, assuring that the project will run smoothly and the results will bring great satisfaction.