The construction design expertise allows our clients to be sure that the building complies with safe construction standards. The construction design expertise is a mandatory requirement for Class Three buildings (except for building demolition projects); it is performed to assess the compliance of the building with the requirements of mechanical strength and stability, fire safety, use safety, and environmental accessibility.

SBS Design and Build carries out the following expertise of construction designs:

  • architecture part;
  • structural part;
  • economic part (mandatory for construction projects funded by the State or municipalities),
  • review of fire safety measures as well as fire safety solutions of other construction design sections,
  • work organization project,
  • energy-efficiency assessment.

Once the expertise is done, the head expert of SBS Design and Build draws expertise conclusions on whether the construction design meets the criteria set in the national standards and construction regulations. If the construction design complies with the requirements, the head expert draws positive conclusions, but in case of an incompliant construction design – negative conclusions.

We are truly proud for participating in the development of Elemental Skanste Office Complex (25 Skanstes Street, Riga). In April 2019, the project was awarded the prestigious BREEAM International certificate of good construction practice in Europe. Elemental Skanste Office Complex was evaluated at the level of Excellent reaching 80.1% rating.